Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Dance recital in Tokyo

On July 25th, our dance recital was held at the saloon of Shimakin, a traditional eal cuisine restaurant in Kagurazaka, Tokyo.

This is not "the fairy ordinary" thing, but our annual event, I'd like to you enjoy the photos and how it was.

For those who don't know Japanese classical dance, it is very unique in its performance with slow movement.
Now that about our recital.
Before heading for Shimakin, we visited Honpoji, the Buddhism temple in Kohinata, to do our hairs. They kindly open up their guest rooms for us every year by their courtesy.
Honpoji is very old and historic temple which has a deep relationship with Soseki Natsume, the famous novelist of modern times.


A cute little girl with Nihongami style.
Some were helping other's dressing in Kimonos, some were reviewing their programs.
Around noon, we were all done and ready for the recital.
Let's move to the hall!
Blythe doll in Yukata welcomed the guests. 
Final rehearsal till the door opened.
Wakashizuyuki, Takao, and 7 year old cute little girl♡
Welcoming the guests.
Me, Wakashizuwa, Wakashizuyuki.
I know I shouldn't have been there, together with those beauties...
Anyway, the saloon was full to the doors and we raised the curtain on time.
Sorry to say, but taking photos of performance was prohibited for the audience and I don't have any to share now. 
Watching other students' dance was so pleasant. We could learn a lot from each other.
Besides, we have new members in Tokyo class including 3 years old girl who showed us an adorable dance.
Here's a group photo after the curtain falls.
You can see everyone looks so relieved and relaxed! Yes we were!!!
Now then, dinner time!
Of course we enjoyed eal cuisine.
No doubt it was a good one!
July 24 of this year was known as a day of ox in midsummer and people eat eal on that day in Japan as a nutrition support to survive the hot summer. It was just the next day and we definitely need nutrition to get rid of that weekend's heatwave!
("Day of ox" is a way of calling each day of a year and it's named after the earthly branches, 12 animals.)
On that very same day, summer festival was being held in Kagurazaka, and crowd of people were dancing through the street in front of Shimakin.
Nice view from the saloon at 3rd floor.
Festival dancers.
I want to thank them for their hospitality to strike a pose for this photo!
In the meantime, our recital in Tokyo was successfully over.
We really appreciate all the guests and those who always support us.
Many many thanks to you all.
Hope you come back to the same place next year again.
Here are some links of our members' blogs in which they wrote about the recital.
Even if you don't understand Japanese, please enjoy some more photos.
Wakashizuwa's entry☞