Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Dance recital in Osaka

One week after our recital in Tokyo, we have another recital in Osaka on August 1st.
Here in Osaka, recital was held at a saloon of Misono, a very famous banquet facility in Japanese style in Minami(southern part of downtown Osaka).
Misono is located on the east of Namba station. About 5 min. walk.
I know. This building has a really distinct personality.
Let's look at it closer.
You can see a bear which has a name tag, saying "Misono Taro", over it's shoulder, is welcoming the guests.
Once you step inside, you will soon find a bridge to a different world.
This shaped bridge is usually called "Taiko-bashi", means round shaped bridge.
Trivia of the day for you. 
The most famous Taiko-bashi is the one in Sumiyoshi-taisha shrine in Osaka. 
Very unique, retro-inspired interior decorating.
Those pendant lights seemed to be antique too.
Misono celebrates 60th Aniversary this year.
They may still use the same decoration as they used to have in the beginning.
Keeping the retro style could be one of their strong character, I guess.
Recital started on time, at 6 pm.
Sorry again, but taking photos during the performance is not allowed.
Here's a group photo instead.
Took one while a friend of mine was taking.
In contrast with my smile, my performance was so terrible.
No... I would shudder at that memory...
Well, not only that bad memory, there was an unexpected pleasure too!
My handweaving teacher and a classmate managed to came to see my dance by making use of their limited time!  Thank you sooo much!
Again, we crossed a bridge to the way back home. Back to this mortal world.
Had an evaluation meeting by voluntary members at an old popular teahouse, American.
As you may notice by now, we are all uniformly dressed.
This is Wakashizuki troupe original Yukata, produced by Kokoroya san.
Cute design, isn't it?
Enjoying these desserts, our conversation moved naturally to how was the performance of that day.
Senior members kindly gave me many helpful advices.
I will never do wrong again!
The only way to improve my performance is practice.
All I have to do is practice.
Wait till the end of August!