Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Rehearsal and Event anouncement

It's already a week ago, on August 3rd, I  visited Great Master YAMAMURA Wakasaki's studio in Higashi-Osaka to take a special lesson from her, the teacher of my teacher.

Master Wakasaki is a very famous teacher and have so many disciples around the country. She is a recipient of The Order of the Rising Sun and a Medal of honour with Purple Ribbon. She has been making a large contribution to Kamigata-mai (Japanese dance developed especially in Osaka and Kyoto).

I was all wound up before visiting her studio.

She must be so bitter and would give me a lesson in a strict manner, I had believed so.


Actually, she was such a sweet person, who called me a pretty girl (girl!) and gave a lot of valuable advice to make my performance better and make me look like a Ukiyoe girl!

The video I shot, while myself taking her lesson, is now like a Bible for me.

I watch it carefully everyday and have voluntary lesson at home.

Memo to myself.

What I wore this day.


Polyester kimono 

Summer Obi made with paper textile.

On the next day, August 4, had a rehersal.




I need to tell you this.

I will be on the stage of National Bunraku theater in the end of this month!




Of course I'm just one out of many other performers and will show up on stage while it's still early.


Date and Hour

 August 30th, Sunday

 From 11:00am~


 National Bunraku theater, small hall

*Admission Free*


My program is "Kishi-no-Yanagi"(means Willow at a River Bank), which that great master Wakasaki had selected for me. It is one of Nagauta.

Regarding "Nagauta", please see the explanatione here☞

Nagauta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This is my very first time to show up on such a big stage and I'm not sure if I could keep myself sane while I'm on the stage.


Anyway, my rehersal began!

Fortunately, same as the previous day, master Wakasaki and master Wakashizuki were sitting just in front of the stage to give me a direction how. I had made it till the end with the aid of both two teachers...


After that, master Wakashizuki and a senior disciple Wakasizuwa ran through their own programs.

Wakashizuki's program is "Shinkyoku-Urashima", and Wakashizuwa's "Keisei".

Their performance were incredibly beautiful even at the rehersal. Please come see them at National Bunraku Theater on August 30th!


Now I needed a pinch of sugar to keep myself awake and prepare for the lesson.




Japanese dance is a kind of the resistance training, not a light exercise for a sheltered girl at all...


Only 3 weeks left!

Practice! Practice! Practice!