Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Year of Reunion

I'm wondering this year might be one of the highlights of my life. My dreams to see good old friends have came true one after another.

24 years ago, I was in a small town called Cheney, in Washington, USA. Got a scholarship from Rotary Foundation and was allowed to transfer to study at Eastern Washington Univ. for a year.
It was the very first time for me to go abroad and to live by myself away from my family.
(This photo will be replaced with a decent one within a week!)

Students from foreign countries were required to take a class called English 101 in which we studied how to write an essay in English.

There I met them.
The crazy and sweet friends. 
I mean you guys!!!

We studied together, cooked and had dinner together, traveled together, laughed, cried, suffered and distressed...shared so mugh of countless hours with each other.
The time we spend together was worth everything!

One year later, some of us advanced to the next grade, some transferred to the other school, some went back to their country. I came back to Japan.

More than 20 years has past since then and I finally visited Taiwan in this spring, to see those familiar faces!
Andrew, Vincent, Elisa, Katy, Julie

You haven't changed at all from college days!
The conversation with you guys brought me back to 24 years ago at once.
Thanks for gathering! Thanks for your times! 

4 months later, I had another chance to see my old classmates again!
Better yet, they visited Osaka from a long distance.
Sanae, Motoko, Noriko, and their families.
It was really a precious time! Seeing kids made good friends with each other made us happy too.

Thank you all for coming! It was such a perfect day!

Now, we must have a bigger reunion party, possibly, in Cheney, right?