Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

It's August 22nd already!

Guess what?

It's already August 22nd today!

That means there's only 8 days left till my first stage. Or, I should say, there are  8 more days left for me.

I will make the debut as a Japanese traditional dancer on August 30th.


Date and Hour
 August 30th, Sunday
 From 11:00am~

 National Bunraku theater, small hall

*Admission Free*

It's waiting just around the corner and all I can do is practice !

Other than practice, one thing I should do before the day is to get special accessories and underwear for the stage.


Left...special underwear for the special Kimono for stages.
(at Kotobuki-Waso in Semba Center Building in Osaka)

Upper right...New white cotton Tabi
(at Ebisu-Tabi in Osaka)

Lower right...Special cloth and cleansing cream to remove thick and heavy makeup.
(at Katsuraya in Namba Walk)

What I wore on this day.
August 20th, 2015

Ramie kimono 
Polyester Obi

Thank goodness, there are 8 more days!

Please come and see us on the stage at  
National Bunraku theater, small hall, on August 30th.