Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Bon dance for a change!

We sometimes need to take a break while concentrating in something.

For me, Bon dance is a just right rest.

I know too much rest may prevent my usual practice, and so, narrow down the target to a few Bon dance parties to join.


This is the one I really love to join, Bon dance festival at Kita-Mido.


They have a changing room and a cloak, so you don't have to worry about your baggage!


Two Rakugo storytellers, Mr. Yuhei Shofukutei and Mr. Emimaru Hayashiya started a warm-up talk to catch people walking by. To those two storytellers' eyes, all people in suits appear as elite buisinessmen and women appears as beautiful ladies.




Until Bon dance begins, there are some fun events like marble scooping, chance lottery and etc...During those events, the said two storytellers pump up the mood with their talk.


Waiting for the madness of Bon dance.



At last!

It began!


How adorable! Cute little girls in lovery yukatas.


We were all stirred up into a frenzy by awesome voice of Kawachi Ondo(dance song) singer, Mr. Kikusuimaru Kawachiya at once!

My stamina run out so quickly and sneaked out of the circle though...


With my Bon dance friends who stick it out to the end.




The man in a black suit is a Bon dance master.

He knows 7 different choreographies! So impressed!




With Mr. Tamanosuke Horaiya, Anzuya cafe owner, M-san & M-san.


Now that woke to reality, and we need a cooling down.

I don't eat nor drink something cold usually, but I needed an ice on this day.



What a delightful day it was!


There are other Bon dance festivals coming in Minami-mido on Aug. 27&28, in Nakanoshima on Aug. 28. Enjoy Bon dance!




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