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My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Announcement*Start new classes at Kimono shop in Kohama

It's getting a little cooler and more confortable here in Osaka.

That means now is the good time to start learning how to wear Kimonos!


And here is the exactly right information for you who wants to learn it!


We start new classes at a very popular Kimono store in Kohama, Kokoroya.





(Kokoroya's store front right now. They put these adorable kids' Kimonos for Shichi-Go-San, the festival to celebrate the growth and well-being of children.)


Classes will be held on any day of week in respond to your request basically, except Thursday, which is their shop holiday, and during owner's absence.


We usually have private classes,  but if you have friends who also wants to learn how to wear Kimonos, you can take a class in a group of up to 3 persons.


If you start lesson now, you can show up for Christmas party or New Year celebration party in Kimonos! Why don't you start Kimono lesson now?

With our Basic classes, you can learn how to wear Kimonos and tie Nagoya Obi in Otaiko style in 5 days lessons.


Kokoroya-san will provide you good oppotunities to go out in Kimonos, like "Bunraku viewing gathering with a backstage tour" or "Osaka River Cruise", etc...

We are sure it will open up your new life with Kimonos.


And what is more, you can learn not only how to wear kimonos but also the proper deportment with Kimonos in our classes.


It will be our pleasure to welcome you to Kohama.

For more informations, please visit our website or send us a message to the address below.

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