Kogikuya Diary

My fairly ordinary life with Kimono. Thank you for your kind patience with my poor English and hope you enjoy.

Best wishes to all freshmen

Hey guys!
It's been so long since the last post...
Thanks for coming back here.
I'm glad there're many inquiries about dressing service for ceremonies of graduation and entrance, and fortunately did some services actually.
Some of my clients gave me feedbacks and allowed me to share those here.

Ms.T, who was going to attend her son 's senior high graduation ceremony in March, applied to the service.
She says wearing Kimono was so much comfortable than she used to think. After the ceremony she went out for a dinner in kimono, which doesn't bother her at all. I'm so excited to hear it! Yay!!
Even better news is, she applied for our basic class after that! 

In April, we had Ms H, who was going to attend to her youngest son's first entertaining ceremony in kindergarten.
She sent me nice photos and allows me to share here.


So beautiful family ♡
Ms H herself is so cute and tender color kimono really looked good on her.
Look at those kids! They were so adorable and I couldn't stop smiling while they were hanging around while I was dressing their mom.

Congratulations to both of you and all the freshmen. Wishing you the best all through your life from now on.

Thank you again for giving me chances to be of any help for you. 


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